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GM 18, june 9, 2012


it was so so hard to get the visas for the FEMEN activists & now that they are here in Hamburg they will be giving a workshop lecture this evening & tomorrow a protest will take place on the Reeperbahn.
here is their call out below, - bring your cameras, umbrellas, free mind to rethink feminism, human rights &   the plainly in sight exploitations which we have become numb to.


Melissa Logan

Dear friends
Tomorrow 10th of June Ukrainian movement FEMEN will protest in Hamburg against sex-bussiness as new form of fascism. the protest will start at 11oclock, Herbertstrase, Boutique bizarre.
contact tf +380675384441 Inna Shevchenko
we invite you and ask you to share this info for your colleagues.
your Femen

FEMEN: 3 members of the feminist activist gang will be sharing their methods of intervention collected  over years of radical actions. Femen was founded in 2008 by an appalled Anna Hutsol who could not sit passively any longer watching the false promises of 'arranged Marriages' and human trafficking in a misogynist society as well as the Ukraine being used as the whore house of Europe. Their cause has spread further fighting the feminist war the world over, and yes, this is growing!
Be ready for action and come to the workshop, naked & courageous!

VOINA: (originally invited to this GM) We tried it all, escape routs by sea & land, we found matching passports for them to use. But the problem was mostly how to get them back into Russia, where their fight is being fought & not to fit them into some artist residencies where the luxury  problems seep into & tarnish the radical fire. Voina are staying in hiding in Russia, we are presenting a talk & video screening.

THE CLINTWOOD SHOW: Old school hip hop was the voice of freedom & equality coming from the rough predominately african american hoods just 20 years after the civil rights movement in the US. Today a lot of that has been lost to Piles of cash, Tits & Ass, violence & misogyny. Timor Litzenberger & Stepha Zanella a.k.a. Frau Zapatista have built new beats over the music that should not be left behind. Hip hop cover songs ...electroRapCover/oldSchool/NewBeats, Get  High on Low Frequencies.


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