Mittwoch, 16. Februar 2011

Chicks on Speed Present Girl Monster

28.1. 2011 GM 12:  REDEFINING THE NOW ( Kampnagel, Hamburg ) and 29.1.2011 FFT Düsseldorf.

Lecture: Pil and Galia Kollectiv (London) Performance: 'Prototype Hits' by Alex Murray-Leslie and Anat Ben-David. Installation Pop Up Store VOODOO CHANEL, Nadine Jessen.  Music: GO CHIC (Taiwan)

03.09.2010 GM 11: SEXY OR SEXIST?  Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt, Berlin,  and  08.10. 2010 at Kampnagel, Hamburg as part of the Rue Princess Festival.

Performance, Music and Video: Melissa Logan, Nadine Jessen. Lecture: Frank Edmond Yao (Abidjan) Dance and Fashion-Installation: Zohra Opoku (Ghana/Hamburg) Anelka Chanel and Prince Kreol (Abidjan)

a video by Knut Klassen:

22.5. 2010  GM 10:  COMING OUT OF THE CAGE ( Kampnagel, Hamburg)

Lecture: Fahim Amir (Kabul/Vienna) Performance: Djana Covic (Vienna) Performance and Video: Corinna Korth (Hamburg) and Krööt Juurak (Tallin/Vienna) Music: Lesbians on Ecstasy (Montreal)

The animal in us that is the key to evolution, as animals are adapting to urban society ( fahim's example of pigeons utilizing subway systems) and what is scorned upon for so long in so called civilization just might be the link to what we really are. Hate is the new love and pigeons are the new house pet.

20.3.2010 GM  9: GENIUS INVENTOR GODDESS ( Kampnagel, Hamburg )

Feat.: Tanja Ostojic (Belgrad): Performance + Lecture, Margit Czenki (HH): Film-Screening, DJ Aroma and MC Quio (Berlin): Music/Live-Set

12.12. 2009  GM 8: MONSTERS OF DANCEHALL ( Kampnagel, Hamburg )

Feat Vivian Goldman (Wien): Lecture, Mad English (UK): Performance, Marina Vello (Brasilien), Nadine Jessen (HH): Video

17.10. 2009 GM 7:  MONSTERS OF FASHION ( Kampnagel, Hamburg )

Lecture: Diane Pernet (Paris) Performance: Narcisisster (NYC): Performance, Musik: Ann Liv-Young (NYC) Video: Alex Murray-Leslie and Daniela Zenone (Bologna/Berlin)

14.10. 2009 GIRL MONSTER at CITY OF WOMEN FESTIVAL ( Ljubljana / Slowenien)

Performance: Narcisisster (NYC) Music: Anat Ben-David (Jerusalem/London) Video Programming: Melissa Logan (N.Y./Hamburg) D.J. Abidjaninski (Hamburg)

23.5. 2009 GM 6:  REVENGE OF THE GIRL MONSTERS ( Kampnagel, Hamburg )

Performance: Anat Ben-David (Jerusalem / London): Lecture A.L. Steiner (NYC) Music: We Are The World (L.A.)

21.5. 2009 GM 5:  FUTURE FEMINIST ( Kampnagel, Hamburg )

Lecture: Daniella Wilde (AUS) Music: HK119 (FIN/London) Video: Pil & Galia Kollektiv (LONDON) Performance: We Are The World

25.4. 2009 GIRL MONSTER at DONAUFESTIVAL ( Krems / Österreich)

Feat.: Girl Monster Orchestra / Conductor:  GUSTAV (Vienna), Anat Ben-David (London), Yo! Majesty (Tempest/Florida), The Raincoats (London), MEN (NYC), uvm...

22.4. 2009 GM 4: ARE YOU A BOY OR A GIRL? ( Kampnagel, Hamburg )

Lecture: Vaginal Davis (San Francisco/Berlin) Performance: Ginger Brooks Takahashi (NYC) Music: MEN (NYC)Video Program compiles by: A.L. Steiner

29.1. 2009 GM 3: VIVA LA CRAFT ( Kampnagel, Hamburg )
Curated by Alex Murray- Leslie

Lecture: Tatty Devine (London) Workshop: Kathi Glas (Berlin) and Alex Murray-Leslie. Film screening: Faythe Levine (US) Handmade Nation : Music: Koko Von Nappo (Paris)  DJ Abidjaninski (Hamburg)

Koko von Napoo:

Handmade Nation preview:

13.11. 2008 GM 2: FANATICALLY FEMINIST ( Kampnagel, Hamburg )

Lecture: A.L. Steiner (NYC)Performance: K8 Hardy (NYC) Music: Lady Bitch Ray (Germany)   Video: Frau Kraushaar (HH)

27.9. 2008 GM 1: GIRL MONSTER KICK OFF ( Kampnagel, Hamburg )

Lecture: Alex Murray- Leslie (Barcelona) Performance: Chicks on Speed
Music: Tara De Long (NYC), ) Video: Module 8 (Geneva)

the chicks fresh from a residency at Hangar in barcelona where they developed the SuperSuits with Boris Edelstein of Mudul 8  and the great engineers there. These Suits trigger video&Audio, the performer is the instrument. This was the first time using them on stage, yes, surprise. they work!