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GM 14: Community Action Center, June 1, 2011

Community Action Center is an erotic film made by artists A.K. Burns & A.L. Steiner and many more mostly New York Based artists.
This is a very beautiful X rated porn with a great soundtrack, yes, including a Chicks on Speed & Dirty Disco Youth piece.
Community Action Center is a new kind of film, it does not fit into existing categories. CAC confuses who is on top & who is a bottom, it integrates porn cliches which become ecstatic, aesthetic  moments.
CAC is at the same time a manual, a juicy how to ... We had a bit of a yellow press scandal here in Hamburg. The screening was was extremely full & also included a hetero normative curious fraction who generally do not come to GM nights. The Bild Zeitung did not mention that a lot of the porn was lesbian, which was fine, an older man asked ma 3/4 through the film, if Pony, the mainly featured artist was male of female. I think & I hope this sexual confusion was not an isolated incident with this man & I find it an important contemporary attitude towards sexual identities, post gender, post gay/straight, inclusive, exclusive, different vs normal. The individual make up of a person is more interesting, perhaps I have 1/4 boy, 1/2 shy girl & 1/4 hot mom, and tomorrow is a new mix and not a fixed label which confines instead of allowing for the free movement of the human Eros.
  Funny yellow press/BILD Zeitung, for some reason the 
so called serious press do no seem to get it. Perhaps next year.    

In the meantime MOMA has purchased the film for their collection and A.K. & A.L. successfully fund-raised cash to pay the artists & to send the film on tour all over the U.S.A. including smaller towns where the screening is especially important.

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